Beijia boutique lingerie conservation · adjustment shaping the perfect figure

In 2000, the female body committed to creating conservation of the Kingdom of Guangdong Pui beauty underwear Garments Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou gorgeous birth (Tony Lady's Web site). Upholding the values ​​and beliefs of "House Zerenren and Huiguangrixinxin" and the core meaning of "responsibility and innovation", Beijia people are doing their best to stick to their dreams through staff approval, customer approval, social recognition and continuous innovation .


After ten years of development, B & R Company has become a large-scale modern underwear enterprise integrating product research and development, production, marketing and service. Owning "Beijiaren" own brand and "Shabeina" high-end brand.

贝佳人精品内衣 养护·调整塑造完美身段

Based on the philosophy of East and West, BeiJia People Company is committed to creating and disseminating underwear culture based on the understanding of life attitude and contemporary life art, the integration of tradition and modern culture, and keen international fashion sense. Initially launched the concept of "conservation and adjustment" underwear, with a leading research and development force consisting of consultants from senior international experts in design, medicine, nutrition, health and structural mechanics, continuous innovation brand Operation philosophy and mode, a solid resource integration strength, efforts, the current "Beijia people" has more than 1,000 strong partners, brand terminals have been all over the country more than 500 cities, as the industry a powerful driving force.

Apparel Button

We are most professional and competitive apparel button Manufacturer of China.

Apparel button is used in apparel,jeans,Crafts, Bags,Shoes, suitcase,Sofa,Decoration, and Many Other Uses. It include the Polyester Button,plastic button,brass button,iron button,wooden button and so on. You can choose the material according to your demand.  

Minimum quantity of Jeans Button :10000pcs /size/color

Very High quality, strong strength,,Eco-friendly

The jeans buttons can be with logo and without logo.

Production capacity of jeans button : 2000 gross/day

Available sizes: 11mm,12mm,13mm,15mm,17mm,19mm,20mm

HS Code: 96062200

apparel button

Apparel Button

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