Beini rabbit clothing boutique for the benefit of the international fashion items in the general public

Dongguan than and special Industrial Co., Ltd. is the domestic cartoon brand (girls costume boutique) leader in the Chinese market, the establishment of 1999, its Bani Rabbit " Benny rabbit " one of the most competitive brands. More than 600 employees in the company, in Dongguan has its own production base, Guangzhou and more than a special company has more than 10 years of cartoon costumes marketing experience, equipped with a complete brand marketing system, in the same industry to create a sales miracle. Since the brand transformation in 2007, the company has taken the form of franchising to quickly open more than 300 specialty stores and outlets in the country, including 5 specialty stores overseas such as Singapore, Thailand and South Korea.

贝妮兔 - banirabbit

Bani Rabbit is not just a bag brand, but a clothing and boutique brand. To create a "clothing boutique" is our direction of development; Bani Rabbit is not a designer brand, but a commercial brand. Beini brand positioning: 1, to 16-22-year-old young girls to provide life style and personality can reflect the product, they aspire to sweet, pure happy, romantic vision of life, the desire to show the beautiful performance of the individual

贝妮兔服饰精品 让国际时尚品造福于一般大众

2, make Bani a brand name made in China, and guide consumers to form a friendly, happy and healthy life mentality

贝妮兔服饰精品 让国际时尚品造福于一般大众

3, to create "clothing boutiques", so that Beini rabbit brand into the eyes of the target consumer girl cartoon bags, clothing, quality of choice brand.

Beni brand core values: Friends Forever Beni Mission: Let the target consumer experience quickly create popular joy, so that the benefits of international fashion items for the general public

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