Greenpeace checks more than 60% of toxic chemicals in global apparel

Recently, "Greenpeace" released a comprehensive random inspection of 15 international famous apparel companies in 18 countries around the world and found that there are more than 60% of toxic chemicals.

Some Austrian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) stood up and shouted out loudly that they could no longer ignore the problems of the clothing manufacturers in some countries, tragic working conditions and environmental destruction.

Franz Pitnik, chairman of the Austrian Textile Manufacturers Association, said that the association supports the EU's stricter sampling and customs control measures for imported textiles. This will not only make everyone safer to wear, but also help local textile manufacturers and non-EU members. Regional competition for cheap textiles.

However, President Pitnik also admitted that thousands of containers loaded with textiles are imported into Europe every day, and that it is indeed difficult to achieve results through random inspections.

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