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At this exhibition, Shanghai Textile Holding Group has launched six series of high-end polyester differential fiber with independent intellectual property rights - Paulai brand fiber and proprietary technology such as Rio Bamboo Fiber, centering on the concept of "technology and fashion" Fiber products. The launch of the new Bao Lai bamboo charcoal fiber is the first micro-micronized bamboo charcoal, and then nanoscale bamboo charcoal fiber through high-tech ultrafine processing and surface treatment process, and the use of special chemical fiber preparation process to form a variety of Multifunctional fiber. Fabric made of this fiber with super adsorption, launch far infrared, thermal storage, automatic humidity control and other effects. In addition, the bamboo charcoal fiber also has the advantage of being permanently free from the negative ion emission concentration and the mineral content of the washing times. The Paula cool sense of the fabric is the use of mineral fiber to send out the cold element to replace the fiber moisture content, and in the spinning process of its surface isotropic, grooved, so that the fabric has a cool and dry Composite effect, at the same time to meet the needs of the summer fabric lightweight, and such fiber fabric in the sun for a long time will produce 5-6 ℃ cooling temperature difference, wear can reduce the heart rate due to heat to accelerate, thus delaying Fatigue occurs. Paulai fiber fabric soft and smooth, excellent skin-feeling. According to Wu Gang, marketing director of Paisite project department of Shanghai Textile Group, Polai fiber has Anti-Pilling properties and can be blended with cashmere, cotton, acrylic and other fibers, and can be dyed at normal temperature and pressure to achieve excellent dyeing performance Good, so, can effectively improve the appearance of fabric quality.

Linen Plain knitting jersey with elastane, fit for thin garment in  summer. Linen Fabric has many function as  temperature regulation,antiallergic,anti-static, anti-microbial. Linen Plain Fabric is healthy for human body.

Natural Fiber with elastane, fashion spandex knitting linen. it has below features:

Cool fabric, linen has great heat dispersion, better than wool and silk.

Dry fabric,linen fabric has good abcorbtion,it can absorb water as 20%of fabric weight.

Reduce perspire,linen fabric keep human body electrolyte balance.

Radiation protection, linen fabric can reduce rediation influence.

Anti-static function,linen fabric has good anti-static function even it only has 10%linen fiber in blended fabric.

Restrain bacteria, natual linen is a healthy plant,it can restrain bacteria and avoid many sickness.

Linen Elastane

Linen knitting fabric with elastane,fashion spandex linen fabric

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