Japanese costume masters customize Li Chun's spring evening dress

Japanese costume masters customize Li Chun's spring evening dress

CCTV has always attached importance to packaging. Li Yu received a gift from Tokyo, Japan. On the afternoon of January 17, Sato Takashi, the first Japanese men's designer, transported her tailored Spring Evening dress to Beijing. After Li Qi test-fitted, he repeatedly said: "It's not the same!"

Sato Takashi is Japan's most famous men's designer. His men's fashion is simple, his personality is avant-garde, and he is welcomed every year in fashion shows in Paris, New York, and Tokyo by entertainment stars. Many musicians, artists, entertainment stars Wearing Mr. Sato's clothing became popular and fashionable.

Last year, through a friend's introduction, Li Xin met with Mr. Sato at the studio of Omotesando Sato of Tokyo. The two met each other with hate, and it was praiseworthy that they not only looked like twins, but also Mr. Sato’s design style was exactly the same. Expected and hard-seeking, the two met again at the China Fashion Week in Beijing in November and promised to be Mr. Sato. At the same time, Mr. Sato also agreed to the request made by Li Yu and became his personal designer. He regularly designed and produced necessary clothing for Li Wei and began to design the dress worn by the CCTV Spring Festival Gala for 2006. For Mr. Sato's costume designed this time, Li Yu used only six words to summarize: concise, stylish and avant-garde. He said that on the 30th of the year, he will select two of the best costumes for the Gala evening to be staged. So what are the two sets? He just smiled and said, "You will know when that time comes."

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