Louis Vuitton Creates A Generation of Aristocratic Fashion

Louis Vuitton Creates A Generation of Aristocratic Fashion
The founder of the first generation of LV was a technician who packed baggage for the nobles of the royal palace in the 19th century. His sophisticated technology for making suitcases gradually spread from Paris to Europe and became the most exquisite symbol of travel goods. Extending leather goods, scarves, or pens, watches, and even clothes, is Louis Vuitton's 150 years of advocating exquisite, quality, and comfortable "travel philosophy" as the starting point of design.

In 1997, New York designer Marc Jacob joined LV to inject a new vitality into this Parisian boutique brand. In March 1998, he proposed the minimalist philosophy of "starting from scratch" for LV who never produced clothes, and won positive recognition from the global fashion industry.

LV all kinds of travel bags, bags, backpacks, can put a variety of documents wallet, passport holder and other styles, about a month will launch new, new style. Whether it is fashionable ladies or mature males, even the young and lively, can be found in the LV line with their own leather products. The subtle LVs can be tailored to different needs and tailored. Whether it is a wine bottle with two bottles of wine or a folding table or chair, it is a true symbol of " LV Travel Philosophy."

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